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Zenon Arc LogoZenon Arc barrel vault rooflights are supplied as double skin or triple skin insulated modular rooflight units containing the Zenon Insulator system, and are characterised by longitudinal ribs for extra rigidity. They may be constructed from Zenon Pro and Zenon Evolution rooflight sheets, depending upon the performance specification, durability and non-fragility periods required, to provide two daylight opening width options of 1000mm and 1200mm.

Zenon Arc Pro rooflights are manufactured using the conventionally reinforced Zenon Pro 24 rooflight sheets, and Zenon Arc Evolution rooflights are manufactured using the high strength, low carbon Zenon Evolution LC1 outer sheet combined with a Zenon Pro liner.

Zenon Pro is a rooflight sheet reinforced using traditional glass fibre ‘rovings’. It is a tried and tested product which has stood the test of time for decades and can be expected to remain durable and nonfragile for up to 25 years when installed in accordance with Hambleside Danelaw’s recommendations, and as part of a non-fragile assembly with the same non-fragility performance.


Zenon Evolution is a rooflight sheet which uses state of the art technology to deliver a truly innovative rooflight solution with excellent impact resistance and an improved service life that can be expected to remain durable and non-fragile for periods in excess of 30 years when installed in accordance with our recommendations, and as part of a non-fragile assembly with the same performance expectation.

Unlike traditional GRP rooflights reinforced with short glass fibres or rovings, the glass reinforcement used in Zenon Evolution is formed from continuous filaments of glass fibres providing very high tensile strength and resistance to tearing.

When choosing the high performance Zenon Evolution, the system delivers embodied carbon levels that are 40% lower than the industry standard making a significant contribution to the target of overall building carbon neutrality.

Zenon Arc rooflights can be supplied as an uninsulated panel where there are no specific thermal compliance requirements, or can be manufactured to incorporate the unique Zenon Insulator honeycomb insulation system delivering improved thermal performance while retaining high levels of light transmission and low embodied carbon.

Zenon Arc delivers a range of benefits;

  • Fast, simple, labour-saving installation
  • Diffused light transmission to reduce glare
  • Improved thermal performance
  • Lower embodied carbon levels
  • Enhanced protection and durability
  • Long term non-fragile to ACR Classification B

For further information on Zenon ARC, please contact our team on 01327 701920 or email sales@hambleside-danelaw.co.uk.

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