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Rooflight Refurbishment

How do I measure correctly for a replacement rooflight?

For rooflights to match new metal sheeting or composite panels, or where the profile is known, you need only state the manufacturer, profile and lengths needed. Don’t forget to allow for the minimum recommended end lap distances.

I need to obtain some replacement rooflights to match the existing cladding – how can I identify what profile the roof/rooflight is?

Rooflight profiles can be identified by measuring key dimensions – cover width, pitch (distance from one corrugation to the next), depth of profile, crown and trough widths etc. Because many profiles have a similar shape and appearance to others, the dimensions should be measured accurately and to the nearest 1mm as possible.  We carry over 600 profiles in our range and can assist with profile identification.

When refurbishing a roof, do I have to use the strongest and safest rooflights possible?

No. There are different options of weights and types of rooflight available that will all be safe, but if the roof might already be fragile, especially in the case of fibre cement sheeting, the classification of the rooflight can be regarded as no better or safer than the worst part of the roof.

My roof is over 20 years old and I’m just replacing rooflights – do I need to comply with Building Regulations/ Part L2 of the Building Regs even though I’m not changing the metal?

This would depend upon the scale of the work, the cost involved and the expected pay back period. In many cases, some improvement to the thermal performance can be quite simple and straightforward and be of benefit the building anyway.

As a general rule, rooflights that are being replaced due to damage need only be replaced to the same standard of the damaged rooflight. Where a series of rooflights are being refurbished to improve their performance and the daylighting within the building, then they should be upgraded to Building Regulations minimum standards wherever practicable.



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