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Barrel Vault Systems

Barrel vault rooflights are popular in applications where continuous runs of rooflight openings are required in flat, low pitched, curved and standing seam or secret fix roofing systems, or where in-plane or individual domed or pyramid type rooflights are not suitable or adequate to provide sufficient light transmission effectively.

The provision of this style of rooflight allows for high levels of natural light to be provided into the building with all the associated benefits of natural daylight and energy saving. As an out of plane installation, barrel vault rooflights are usually mounted on kerbs or upstands in continuous runs to suit the application.  These upstands are generally a minimum of 150mm high for adequate and long-term weather sealing of the junction between the rooflight and waterproofing layer.Zenon Arc GRP Barrel Vault Rooflight CGI

Zenon Arc and Zenon Curve are manufactured and CE marked to BS EN 14963 and tested for non-fragility in accordance with the Advisory Committee for Roofsafety document ACR[M]001. Both systems are designed for simple installation onto kerbs can be installed for roof-lighting applications along ridgelines. They can also be supplied with insulated end cap closures to maintain the thermal continuity of the system.

They are both GRP barrel vault rooflight systems, providing excellent light transmission with good levels of diffused light distribution to the internal areas of the building.

Hambleside Danelaw are members of NARM, and are firm advocates for the benefits of natural daylight.  To learn more about incorporating natural daylight into a building through the installation of barrel vault rooflights, contact us today.

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