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Hambleside Danelaw Ltd have been manufacturing rooflight solutions in the UK for 40 years. Our brand Zenon® is the market leader in developing environmentally conscious solutions to improve building energy performance and reduce the carbon footprint through the efficient and effective use of daylight.  GRP rooflights can be used in industrial, agricultural, and commercial buildings. 

Lighting the way with rooflights

Rooflights play a vital role in the modern building but are often overlooked. They can help the designer, the building owner and the occupier to achieve a truly sustainable, energy efficient and enjoyable place to work and to live in.

Rooflights allow up to three times more natural light into the internal space than a window/ vertical glazing of the same size.

Correct rooflight design – at the outset of the building concept or fitted retrospectively – can have dramatic efforts on all aspects of the building from the owner’s potential asset value to the well-being and productivity of the occupants.

Buildings which provide high levels of natural light generally have more positive working environments than those which are dependent upon artificial light. It is known that people respond better in natural light conditions, as the eye and brain functions work better, resulting in improved concentration and overall performance. Introducing rooflights reduces dependency on artificial light, significantly reducing energy consumption and running costs as well as impacting positively on the buildings overall carbon footprint.

Thermally efficient insulated GRP rooflights can further reduce heat loss and energy costs.

These benefits, and the effectiveness of rooflights as a contributor, are acknowledged in the Building Regulations Approved Document Part L. It recommends that industrial and commercial building structures should have a rooflight area of 10% to 20%.

This graph demonstrates the reduction in CO2 emissions of a typical notional building as the rooflight area is increased to the optimum 16% to 18% and used in conjunction with a fully automated lighting control system.

SBEM Graph GRP Rooflights

Source: SBEM results – CO2 emissions for the Notional Building at varying rooflight area; graph 1, NARM NTD06: Designing with Rooflights [2014]


There are other aspects to be considered within sustainable building design, featured in the diagram to the left. To find out more about these considerations and their importance when specifying GRP rooflights, please visit our technical guide section in the left menu.

Whatever the principle daylighting design consideration there is a Zenon solution to match. Whether specifying commercial or industrial GRP rooflights, get in touch with us today.

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