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Seminar: Low Carbon GRP Daylight Solutions for the Metal Building Envelope

The seminar delivers an understanding of how rooflight choices in relation to key performance requirements can impact the overall contribution a product makes to the metal building envelope, with particular focus on:

  • Light transmission
  • Thermal performance and insulation values
  • Embodied carbon
  • Non-fragility

The presentation includes an online demonstration of these effects, helping specifiers to make informed decisions regarding key performance criteria.

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Who should attend?

Architects, planning professionals, facilities managers and building owners, sustainability professionals.

RIBA, Core Curriculum

  • Design and building it: Design, construction, technology and engineering.
  • Climate: Sustainable architecture


  • Establish the links between natural daylight, solar gain, U-value and embodied carbon in the rooflight specification.
  • Detail key safety and thermal performance targets.
  • Explore best solutions, “trading off” and “trading up” to achieve a balanced performance from the daylighting plan.
  • Identify the performance and environmental benefits of GRP.


  • Understand the advantages of GRP translucent rooflights.
  • Understand the key concerns when specifying rooflights for the modern metal building envelope.
  • Understand the configuration choices available to address critical performance criteria.
  • Understand the advantages and disadvantages of these choices.

For more information on this seminar, please contact us on 01327 701900 or email cpd.seminars@hambleside-danelaw.co.uk

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