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Seminar: GRP Roof Flashings and Valley Troughs

The seminar covers the use of replacement pre-formed GRP flashing components at the valleys, abutments and verges of slated and tiles pitched roofs.

It specifically addresses:

  • The performance characteristics of GRP and the development of machine-made, pre-formed modern applications for the material.
  • An investigation into the practical issues arising from the use of conventional materials and construction methods.
  • Reviews of good and bad solutions to detailing requirements.
  • An introduction to mortar-free ‘Dry-Fix’ applications to reduce labour time and costs and improve detail longevity.

Who should attend?

Architects, specifiers and housebuilders who are interested in modern, quickly installed weatherproofing components which have no residual scrap value.

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  • Design and building it: Design, construction, technology and engineering.
  • Climate: Sustainable architecture.


  • To focus on the importance of drainage routes and periphery detailing in pitched roofing applications.
  • To explain the environmental, health and theft implications associated with some conventional materials.
  • To give an explanation of modern GRP as opposed to more traditional techniques.
  • To demonstrate the use of GRP in a number of different applications and details.


  • Understand the environmental, health and practical benefits of using GRP components.
  • Understand the advantages of Dry Fix roofing / mortar-free roof construction.
  • Appreciate the aesthetic improvements that can be achieved when using GRP components.

For more information on this seminar, please contact us on 01327 701900 or email cpd.seminars@hambleside-danelaw.co.uk

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