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Zenon Evolution

Ideal for environmentally conscious industrial and commercial buildings or where superior strength is demanded

Zenon Evolution, the truly low carbon rooflight, offers the best solution for your environmentally conscious industrial or commercial building. Featuring innovative high performance glass reinforcement we are able to reduce the amount of resin required in the manufacturing process, yet produce a GRP rooflight sheet stronger than the traditional equivalent. Accordingly, Zenon Evolution is produced in two weights. Both weights deliver a non-fragility which equals or betters that of significantly heavier conventionally reinforced products. Both use less resin in manufacture and are thinner, lighter and with less embodied carbon.

Benefits of Zenon Evolution

  • All the benefits of Zenon Pro
  • High strength rooflight sheet with lower embodied carbon
  • Stronger than conventionally reinforced rooflights of the same weight
  • Better profile definition to suit the surrounding metal sheets
  • More reliable sealing, no special sealant required
  • Best for strength, durability, performance and peace of mind

Have a look at the performance calculator to see how Zenon Evolution performs in a variety of assemblies.

You can also watch our High Impact Test Video showcasing the resistance of Zenon Evolution vs traditionally reinforced GRP:

Download the Zenon Evolution section from our technical manual below for further information.

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