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Zenon Curve Rooflights

Zenon Curve rooflights are manufactured and supplied as individual pre-curved self-supporting rooflight sheets characterised by a trapezoidal ribbed profile following the curve of the sheet. They are available for daylight openings or support systems up to 4 metres wide and at a fixed sheet radius of 3150mm in natural translucent or opal tinted
GRP and at a nominal weight of 2.4kg/m².

They are available to suit any length of construction or opening, and are easily installed in single, double or triple skin configurations using spacer brackets depending upon the thermal performance required, or in combination with flat profiled liners and insulation layers in built-up self-supporting metal sheet roofing systems. Subject to specification, Zenon Curve rooflights offer expected periods of non-fragility up to 25 years subject to all other elements of the assembly or roof construction retaining their integrity for the same period.

Zenon Curve Rooflight System Features

  • Site assembled
  • Single, double or triple skin
  • Can be used with separate, in-plane liner
  • Opening sizes: 1000mm to 4000mm in 100mm increments
  • Finish: Translucent, Opal or Coolgreen GRP
  • Non-fragile to ACR[M]001
  • Suits most roof construction types

Zenon Curve Configurations

Zenon Curve rooflight configuration

Zenon Curve Rooflight Performance Data

Zenon Curve rooflight Performance Data

To learn more about Zenon curve rooflights, why not attend one of Hambleside-Danelaw’s RIBA approved CPD sessions, the sessions can be booked for your place of employment, or you can attend one of our sessions open to the public.  Contact the marketing@hambleside-danelaw.co.uk for more information.

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