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Single Ply Composite Roof System Applications

In flat roof decking systems comprising of metal lined composite insulation panels with a bonded single-ply waterproofing outer surface, such as Topdek type applications, both Zenon Arc and Curve* can deliver excellent roof-lighting solutions by offering good levels of light transmission, thermal performance and excellent non-fragility performance.

We can provide single layer profiled rooflight liner sheets to suit the metal composite decking system in either Zenon Pro or Evolution weights to help maintain the airtightness of the system and remove the clear opening of the rooflight aperture while the kerbs and barrel vault rooflight assembly is being installed above the roof level.

Alternatively, a composite rooflight panel assembly, to match the depth and profile of the roof panels, can be supplied incorporating additional insulation layers such as the Zenon Insulator™ system. Both options would achieve non-fragile classifications when fixed, and without reliance on either the Zenon Arc or Curve system barrel vault system fitted to the rooflight kerbs or upstands to suit the specific project requirements.


* Curve, formerly known as Archlight

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