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Narrow Open Valley Trough for Tile Roofs

The open valley trough range provides drainage channels at the roof valleys. These traditional, pre-formed GRP troughs are perfectly safe to use when wanting to collect rainwater runoff. Designed with a greater capacity, they are a lightweight and cost effective alternative to lead. Being manufactured from GRP, the valley troughs have the following benefits;

  • Up to half the cost and time of traditional lead installation
  • Semi-skilled fitting procedure
  • Light in weight and easy to handle
  • 30 year service life guarantee
  • Do not streak or stain
  • No value to the thief

Product Codes

HDL 361 and HDL 362


The HDL 361 and HDL 362 are suitable for tile roofs.


3000mm or 2400mm
Made from:
Available in:

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