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MidVerg20 Interlocking Dry Verge System

The MidVerg20System has been manufactured to prevent weather ingress and reliance on mortar at the roof edge. Compatible with all flat intermediate gauge single-lap interlocking tile types and suitable for use on new build or refurbishment.

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Product Features of the Dry Verge System

  • Suits all single lap interlocking plain tiles between 200mm and 260mm batten gauges
  • Designed to minimise water run-off staining on the verge and gable wall
  • Clip-over design for fast installation
  • Dry fix products eliminate the mortar installation and maintenance issues
  • Secure single nail fixing when used with optional batten end clip. No special fixings required
  • Universal eaves starter unit for all applications and one discreet colour
  • Starter unit designed to avoid gutter interference and slotted for ease of adjustment
  • Starter unit and ridge cap kits include stainless steel screws and wall plugs
  • Universal angle and half-round ridge end cap options
  • High heat distortion resistance compared to PVC
  • UV stabilised for long term performance

System Components

  • HD MV20/L – Dry verge unit
  • HD MV20/R – Dry verge unit
  • HD IPTDV/HR – Half round ridge cap
  • HD IPTDV/AR – Angle ridge cap
  • HD IPTDV/ST – Starter unit
  • HD IPTDV/BC – Batten end clip


For installation recommendations and tile compatibility for Hambleside Danelaw’s MidVerg20 dry verge unit see below.


Made from:
Available in:
Antique Red, Black, Brown, Slate Grey, Terracotta

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