Hambleside Danelaw have been developing and manufacturing dry fix solutions since the late 1990s, and some of the key products that have come from our ongoing product development strategy are the range of interlocking dry fix verge systems all tested by the Building Research Establishment.

Danelaw’s Verg family has the widest range of products in the industry designed to secure the tiles, prevent weather ingress and infestation while removing the need for mortar at the roof edge. Hambleside Danelaw manufacture five different types of interlocking tile verge systems, as well as a continuous slate verge range.

The latest addition to our range, the MidVerg20®, was launched in 2021, and is designed to suit all flat intermediate gauge single-lap interlocking tile types used at 20 tiles per square metre.  This followed on from our MiniVerg® for interlocking plain tiles and innovative, patented InVerg®, launched in 2020; a unique and hugely popular system designed to meet the demand for an aesthetically pleasing and simple dry fix solution which is compatible with most machine-made single & double cambered concrete and clay plain tile types.

Our verges are suitable for a wide variety of the most popular tile types for new build and refurbishment work coming in a range of colours to match or contrast the tiles as required.

To find out more about the dry fix verge systems that Hambleside Danelaw manufacture, please click on the products below.  For further information please get in touch with us on 01327 701 910 or fill in our contact form.

InVerg® Plain Tile Interlocking Dry Verge System

MidVerg20® Interlocking Dry Verge System

Danelaw IPIDV dry verge system Installed

MiniVerg® Interlocking Plain Tile Dry Verge System

Danelaw IDV Dry Verge System Installed

IDV Interlocking Dry Verge System


Thin Leading Edge Dry Verge Systems

Danelaw Continuous Verge HDL DV9

Continuous Verge for Scottish Slate Roofs – Face Fixing

Danelaw Continuous Verge HDL DV7

Continuous Verge for Scottish Slate Roofs

Danelaw Continuous Verge HDL DV8

Continuous Verge for Slate Roofs – Face Fixing

Danelaw Continuous Verge HDL DV6

Continuous Verge for Slate Roofs

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