Ridge, Hip & Verge

Danelaw® offers a variety of solutions that are cost effective and time-saving for the ridge, hips and verges.

Current requirements and demands now for mechanically fixed ridge and hip tiles are met with Dry Fix Ventilated Ridge systems, the default option to mortar bedded methods, providing secure fixing against worst of the weather as well as ventilation to the roof. The Danelaw® CON6+ system meets the brief and can be used for the ridge and the hip of the roof with 15 year guarantee.

Danelaw’s dry verge systems are a unique range of preformed GRP designed to fix continuously along slate verges for both new and refurbishment work. For large format tiles, an interlocking individual dry verge system is also available; both eliminating the need for mortar while providing protection from wind uplift and driving rain to the perimeter of the roof.