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Pitched Roofing Products

GRP Valley Troughs

The Danelaw product range includes both dry fix and open valley troughs, designed as a lead alternative for a variety of tiles.

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Image of a slate roof vent that provides high levels of ventilation

Roofing Ventilation

Danelaw offers a wide range of roofing and underfloor ventilation products to suit different applications and construction details.

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The pitched roofing division features roof flashings, ventilation and ancillary products

Roof Flashings

Danelaw offers a wide range of lead alternative roof flashings made from GRP including valley troughs, bonding gutters and Fast Flash.

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Roof Jointing

The GRP Bonding Gutters; part of the Danelaw product range, create a successful weather-tight joint between dissimilar roof coverings.

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Roof Abutments

The Danelaw product range offers individual dry soakers, continuous soakers and other lead alternatives for a watertight joint at abutments.

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Breathable Roofing Underlays

Roofing Underlays

The Danelaw product range includes a selection of Low Resistance tile and slate roofing underlays; available in 2 weights, 120gsm and 150gsm.

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Ridge, Hip & Verge

Danelaw offers a wide range of ridge, hip and verge products including a dry fix rollout system, continuous verges and hip trays.

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Wall Cavity & Underfloor Ventilation

Danelaw offers a wide range of products that are used to ventilate through wall cavities and underfloor spaces.

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Other Roofing Accessories

Danelaw includes a complete range of products for all aspects of roof detailing on pitched roofs.

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