In this section we have answered some of the most frequently asked questions associated with pitched roofs and the Danelaw product range.

If there are any questions that you feel are unanswered we are always happy to help, you can contact us here.

The FAQ sections;


Why are some roofing product prices different form other products that do the same thing? Product prices can vary for several reasons, but generally you get what you pay for.

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Do you offer a universal tile vent? No. This is something that we have considered, however all universal designs are a compromise and usually considered quite unsightly when installed. We

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Roof Underlay

Is it better to use an air permeable membrane or vapour permeable and additional ventilation? The use of these roofing underlays/membranes and requirements for ventilation depend on other factors, often

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Roof Valley Troughs

Is it best to use a lead saddle or lead replacement flashing on top of the dry valley? It is now recognised that the use of a good quality lead

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Roof Abutments

When using your Conti-soakers, should I leave a gap between the tiles and the abutment wall? It is normally recommended that a small gap of 40 to 50mm is left

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Roof Jointing

Is there a minimum pitch on a Bonding Gutter®? Both the traditional Danelaw mortared type and the Dry Fix Bonding Gutter® design work to the minimum recommended pitch of the

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Image of CON6, used for roof ventilation

Roof Ridges & Hips

  Why is there such a range of prices for dry fix ridge and hip systems? Like all products, ‘there are a range of quality and function available to purchase’.

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Roof Verges

How do you joint your continuous dry verge systems for slates such as the DV7? The adjoining profiles are simply overlapped by 100 mm or so, with the upper section

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Flexible Flashings

Why is Fast Flash any better than other lead replacement flexible flashing products? The design of Fast Flash delivers a product with greater stretch-ability that similar products for better dressing

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