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Dryseal gets Zero in BBA test

Following a number of customer and specifier requests, Hambleside Danelaw submitted the Dryseal GRP mechanically fixed, component based waterproofing membrane to the British Board of Agrément for ‘zero-falls’ testing and accreditation.

After 6 months underwater at 60°C, Dryseal was then subjected to a series of rigorous tests for water penetration, material bond strength, indentation and tensile characteristics.

It passed with flying colours in September 2014, with “no water penetration”, and withstood a maximum tensile load requirement of over 22 kN/m, with negligible change from the original sample.

Now Agrément Certificate 95/3114 has been re-issued with full ‘zero-falls’ accreditation, meaning that Dryseal can be used on roofs with falls less than 1:80, a common requirement for terrace areas and roof gardens.

The NHBC will only allow the use of fully independently accredited waterproofing systems in ‘zero-falls’ installations. Dryseal has now been proven to achieve the requirements.

Andy Fell, Hambleside Danelaw Dryseal Manager, said: “We’re delighted at this authoritative proof that the advanced characteristics of Dryseal can easily satisfy the ever increasing demands made on modern roof covering systems.”

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