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Dryseal housing

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Combining aesthetics and performance, Dryseal Housing provides a hard-wearing, long-life solution for the homeowner or housebuilder looking for a flat roofing or low pitched roofing system, or an alternative to lead detailing.

Dryseal is a component-based glass reinforced polyester (GRP) roofing system and is different from other systems on the market. Boasting a 20-year water guarantee, Dryseal is supplied as a kit of pre-cured parts, factory-manufactured under BS EN ISO 9001 and 14001 quality and environmental standards. It’s then assembled on-site by our team of Approved Contractors.

Unlike typical ‘wet lay’ systems, the only liquid resin used during installation is to seal the joints between the various component parts. This substantially reduces the risk of protracted delays caused by weather conditions or quality defects in the finished product.

Another advantage of Dryseal over usual roofing solutions is that there is no requirement for the use of any naked flames or heat guns, considerably reducing the risk of fire.

Dryseal is ideal for handling complex detailing – perfect for your garage or extension.


Our range of topcoats means that you or your clients can select the colour of their roof from a huge palette, not simply the standard lead-like light or dark grey. The colours work best on roof spaces which measure a minimum of 200 square metres, and can be used to blend the roof into its surroundings or to create a dramatic feature out of it.

There may be an additional charge for some colours. Contact us for more information.

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