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Dryseal heritage


Roofing old buildings – be it ensuring a finish which is sympathetic to the style of structure or to increase security by minimising the risk of lead theft – can be tricky with conventional products.

Fortunately, Dryseal Heritage isn’t conventional. It offers a versatile roofing solution which lends itself to heritage projects which require intricate detailing, compatibility with differing substrates and an effective lead replacement or copper replacement.

Designed for flat and low-pitched roofs, Dryseal is manufactured from high-grade polyester resins and glass reinforcement (AKA fibreglass or GRP). It is produced in the UK and serves as an ideal alternative to lead, as it doesn’t attract thieves and is far more cost-efficient.

Unlike traditional wet lay GRP systems, Dryseal is manufactured as a pre-cured kit using sophisticated processes in controlled factory conditions. This kit, containing preformed component trims and flat sheeting, is quickly and easily installed on-site to form the roof membrane.

Secured by Design logoHambleside Danelaw is approved for lead replacement under Secured by Design, the official Police security initiative aimed at preventing lead theft crime.

We are proud to have supplied roof solutions to;

  • All Saints Leamington Hastings
  • St John The Baptist Bromsgrove
  • St John Evangelist Redditch
  • All Saints Sedgley
  • St Mary The Virgin Little Houghton


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