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Dryseal Features and Benefits

  • Dryseal is not a “wet-lay” system, it is a component-based GRP membrane which is mechanically fixed to the roof substrate, meaning quicker, more positive installation
  • Components are easy to store, handle and install – the membrane is delivered in a roll
  • Dryseal has been independently certified by the British Board of Agrément since 1995 – certificate number 95/3114 – approved for use in ‘zero falls’ (i.e. below 1:80)
  • The Dryseal system has a unique ultra-high adhesion surface which gives excellent jointing capability
  • Only approved and fully trained contractors can install Dryseal – currently 80 nr throughout the UK and Ireland
  • Comprehensive sales and technical support are provided by our widely experienced staff

Dryseal technical information in brief

  • Dryseal is a unique thermo-set Glass Reinforced Polyester material that cannot be melted
  • Dryseal delivers a 30 year plus life expectancy and can be refurbished to increase its service life by renewing the top coat at the end of its service life
  • Uniquely, there is no need to remove the system to refurbish
  • No heat or naked flames are required to install Dryseal
  • Unlike many conventional membrane systems, Dryseal GRP does not harden or embrittle over time
  • Dryseal is easy to repair or modify at any point during its lifetime
  • Dryseal is durable, light weight, stable and hard-wearing
  • The system gives excellent resistance to mechanical damage
  • Dryseal can be used where standing water is evident without detriment
  • It will not affect water run-off and is suitable for rainwater harvesting and grey water systems
  • Unlike PVC membranes, Dryseal GRP is highly resistant to bitumen and most forms of chemical attack
  • The system can be made to look like expensive metal finishes (lead, copper etc.) but Dryseal has zero scrap value
  • It can be recycled at the end of its life
  • Environmentally friendly low carbon impact production give Dryseal first class ‘green’ credentials
  • No fire restrictions of use apply to Dryseal under UK Building Regulations, even when fitted directly over a combustible substrate – Dryseal is rated Ext F.AC to BS476-3 for fire resistance

Fully Mechanically Fixed Dryseal – System Benefits

  • Dryseal is suitable for overlaying most existing coverings as long as the substrate is sound
  • One fixing specification applies to the whole roof area
  • The condition of the existing coverings does not adversely affect the Dryseal installation
  • Independent thermal movement eliminates the stress cracking typical of more conventional types of GRP roofing
  • Dryseal can be made temporarily watertight without lamination work, giving programme flexibility and customer confidence

Semi-rigid GRP component based waterproofing with myriad applications

  • Being strong and lightweight with high puncture resistance Dryseal can be used in many different roofing applications
  • As Dryseal is semi-rigid, it can be used without pitch restriction on any angle including in the vertical and inverted – there is no sag in steep pitch or vertical applications
  • Dryseal can be passed under roof plant and equipment and jointed without removal or disconnection of most roof-mounted equipment
  • Dryseal accommodates even the most complex detailing and is ideal for parapet encapsulation
  • Dryseal can be used for green roof applications without the need for a root barrier, because of its robust nature and homogenous joints and can be used under terrace decking without the need for a separating fleece
  • The mechanically fixed nature of the system means that it can vent out moist air and condensation, making it an ideal solution for over-roofs
  • All Dryseal sheet and trims are manufactured in strictly controlled factory conditions to BS EN ISO 9001:2008
  • The unique nature of Dryseal means that it can be incorporated into a free-floating installation for gutter linings
  • Reduced on-site time, due to the minimal “wet” working and maximum use of factory manufactured components reduces the opportunity for defects due to workmanship

GRP jointing and detailing

  • The same materials are used to complete waterproofing of joints and complex details. No difference in expansion and contraction between any of the components. The joints are just as tough and strong as the membrane itself
  • One material and system are used for the whole of the roof waterproofing
  • The chemical cross-link to the base material has vast advantages over the ‘adhesion only’ characteristics of glued or heat bonded membranes


  • The RibTec ribbed membrane option adds a clean, simple line to the finished Dryseal roof
  • Dryseal can achieve the look of more expensive metal finishes by incorporating pre-formed rolls or rib detailing
  • Standard Dryseal top coat colours are Dryseal Dark Grey (similar to RAL 7012) or Dryseal Light Grey (similar to RAL 7047).  Most colours can be manufactured to special order to suit project requirements.
  • Dryseal can be finished to achieve a textured surface option by incorporating an aggregate or ground glass anti-slip finish

Installed Guarantee and Insurance Backed Warranty

  • The 20 year installed guarantee is independently insured by a leading warranty provider
  • The guarantee can be extended by 10 years during year 20 by refurbishing the surface finish

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