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Become an Approved Contractor

If you are a roofing specialist and would like to train to become a Dryseal Approved Contractor, please get in touch. We provide a thorough, two-day training course at our Training School in Northants and in Scotland.

Once qualified, we will support you with marketing activities (giving you access to our design studio facility for help in preparation of your own Dryseal promotional material) and can link your web site to our own, thus publicising your business through the Dryseal pages.

Additionally, we will provide you with any potential sales leads we receive that are generated through this marketing activity and we will help support your sales initiatives if you feel this will help.

What we look for in an Approved Contractor

Encouraging and supporting NFRC and CompetentRoofer membership, we want to partner with roofers who have a reputation for the best quality work, the willingness to provide written guarantees to achieve a high level of customer satisfaction and are happy to work with us in promoting the Dryseal System.

For further information, please contact our Dryseal Team on 01327 701900 or email us at dryseal@hambleside-danelaw.co.uk.

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