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Dryseal Flat Roofing

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If you’re looking for a durable, attractive and flexible roofing solution, Dryseal is a fantastic choice. The Dryseal flat roofing system is a component based pre-cured GRP system, meaning it is much more versatile than ‘wet lay’ systems.

Manufactured from long-established glass reinforced polyester (GRP), Dryseal can be installed over the existing roof covering as long as the deck is in good condition, easily accommodating the introduction of insulation to form a warm roof.

The Dryseal flat roofing system is guaranteed to remain leak free for 20 years and comes with an insurance backed warranty. The Materials Guarantee is supplemented by our Approved Installer’s Guarantee directly to the customer. Dryseal is manufactured under factory conditions in accordance with ISO 9001:2008 Quality and ISO 14001:2004 Environmental standards.

The BBA approved system is mechanically fixed, jointed using resin and fibreglass reinforcement and then finished with a UV protective top coat. The reduced amount of ‘wet’ working, compared to other systems on the market, helps improve the speed and security of installation and restricts the effects of inclement weather during installation.

Dryseal is suitable for many applications, easily accommodating most complex roof detailing and can be used on flat and low pitched roofs, on garages, extensions, or to replicate lead sheet on heritage buildings.

As it is robust and non-toxic, Dryseal is the ideal waterproofing system for green roofs, and can also be fitted under timber decking or slabs to waterproof balconies or terraces.

To find out more, please send us a message or call our friendly team on 01327 701 900.

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