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Panel Vents – Double Row Flyscreen

The Hambleside Danelaw range of double row flyscreen eaves panel vents are specifically designed to help maintain a consistent flow of air into the roof space. Positioned between rafter centres, these vents are used to ensure that there is always a clear airway above the insulation layer, thereby preventing any build up of moisture.

Double row flyscreen

For open eaves details, protruding flyscreen with recommended 4mm slots. Suitable for -15o pitch.

Available with double rows of slotted screen protection. These panels, when fitted to every rafter centre will provide the regulation requirement of a continuous 25mm gap at the eaves.

3 width options available to suit 400mm, 450mm and 600mm rafter centres.

Product options

  • HD 6025: 13,786mm2 per panel
  • HD 4525: 10,264mm2 per panel
  • HD 4025: 8,948mm2 per panel

For ventilation per metre, please refer to our sales brochure.


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