HD TV10/8

HD TV10/8 Tile Vent

The flush fitting tile vents are designed to suit all commonly tile profiles and standard colours, creating an aesthetically pleasing finish. Being manufactured from polypropylene, the TV10 tile vent range has the following benefits;

  • Thermally stable
  • UV resistance
  • Acid rain resistance
  • Non-reflective surface and are UV stabilised to prevent colour loss and embrittlement through age

HD TV10/6 Tile Compatibility

  • Marley Eternit Anglia
  • Norfolk & Fenland Pantile
  • Sandtoft Shire Pantile

Minimum roof pitch – 22.5°

Soil pipe ventilation and mechanical extraction

Our tile roof vents have the option to be adapted and fully utilised for both soil ventilation and mechanical extraction. This is achieved by connecting a specific adapter to the correct vent. The HD TV10/8 can be used with the HD RSPA soil pipe adapter.


10,000mm2 per vent
Made from:
Available in:
Antique Red, Black, Brown, Slate Grey, Terracotta