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Dry Fix Valley Trough for Flat and Plain Tile Roofs

The Hambleside Danelaw market leading GRP mortarless dry fix valley trough range provides hidden water gulleys at the roof valleys. These troughs create a close-cut appearance on both new build and refurbishment projects as well as not requiring the need for any counter battens and special eaves closure pieces. Being manufactured from GRP, the valley troughs have the following benefits;

  • Up to half the cost and time of traditional lead installation
  • Semi-skilled fitting procedure
  • Light in weight and easy to handle
  • 30 year service life guarantee
  • Do not streak or stain
  • No value to the thief


The HDL DVLPT/1 and HDL DVLPT/2 are suitable for flat and plain tile roofs.

HDL DVC use illustratedAccessories

In the case of interlocking single lap tiles, where small cuts of tiles occur. The smaller cut section may need supporting using a support bridge, code: HD DVBPAlternatively a stainless steel clip, code: HD DVC, can be used as illustrated. This support should only be used on the left side of the valley where no support is available from the tile interlock.


3000mm or 2400mm
Made from:
Available in:
Lead Grey