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GRP Roofing Systems and How They Differ, Cambridge


This seminar covers the use of GRP as a roof waterproofing membrane and specifically addresses;

  • The development, composition and common uses of GRP in the roofing industry.
  • A comparison between in situ laminated GRP roof coverings and component-based factory-manufactured systems.
  • Uses of GRP roofing in lieu of metal and other sheet products.
  • Innovative specifications and applications.

Dealing with environmental matters, health and safety issues and assessing specific case studies, we review the robust specification and design practices using GRP roof coverings.

This seminar is approved as RIBA Core Curriculum under the following categories: Designing and building it: design, construction, technology and engineering – general awareness

Who should attend?

Architects, planning professionals, facilities managers, building owners and sustainability professionals.


  • Gain an appreciation of the differences between ‘wet lay’ and component-based GRP waterproofing systems.
  • Understand the potential uses of GRP as a ‘flat’ or low-pitched roof covering.
  • Understand the variety of applications possible with GRP waterproofing.
  • Appreciate the benefits of GRP versus other products when considering design alternatives.


  • To highlight the reasons for detailed specification.
  • To clarify the significance of a meaningful manufacturer’s product guarantee.
  • To emphasise the role of thorough product installation training.
  • To broaden the attendee’s knowledge base of roofing systems in different situations.

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