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Go Green, Go Dryseal

Oxford green roof    

This extension as part of a full house refurbishment on a property in Woodstock Road Oxford now benefits from a new Dryseal green roof.

Completed in June 2017, the Architect at the Client’s request specified this attractive and environmentally-friendly design. Dryseal, being the ideal waterproofing membrane for a green roof, was a natural choice, due its robust, aesthetic and non-pollutant properties. Bondright Roofing Services’ Erika Luckow said “We were contacted by Lee & Ross Architects in May 2016 following a CPD Seminar held by Hambleside Danelaw. We were told that they found Dryseal to be an attractive solution for their project in Oxford requiring a Green Roof system over the kitchen/family room on the extension. With the assistance of Andy Fell at Hambleside Danelaw, Dryseal was specified for the 37m² warm roof, finished with the ANS GrufeKit Green Roof sedum system and Scottish cobbles.” The installer Dawid Piasecki said; “The fitting was easy and was installed according to the manufacturer’s instructions; Dryseal is a really good system.”

The finishing touch?

The 20-year Dryseal insured water tightness guarantee.


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