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The Waste & Resources Action Programme (WRAP)

WRAP registeredAs an environmentally-responsible business, we aim to develop products in a sustainable way, reducing waste and minimising inefficiencies which might have an adverse impact on our surroundings. WRAP is a charitable initiative that helps us and other organisations achieve green goals through positive economic and environmental action.

WRAP and ISO 14001 Environmental Management System Certification

Our WRAP registration provides ongoing independent, third-party assessment and certification of environmental management systems. Hambleside Danelaw is BS EN ISO 14001:2004 Environmental Management Systems-registered.

WRAP Registered products

The roofing and ventilation products illustrated in the relevant section of this website feature recycled materials in their construction, a process which has been recognised by the Green Organisation and WRAP. Specifiers, especially those for public sector new build projects, may be interested to learn that these products are included in the WRAP Procurement Guide for construction materials.

What else are we doing?

SustainabilityMaterial resources are a key contributor to sustainability in construction, along with energy and water-saving initiatives. The efficient use of those material resources can be improved by:

  • Using less material
  • Avoiding and reducing waste
  • Re-using materials
  • Recovering waste by recycling into new applications
  • Selecting manufactured products with higher recycled content.

All of these actions can reduce carbon emissions and widen life-cycle environmental impacts, either in a cost-neutral or cost-saving way.

Good site practice – including optimised supply logistics and rigorous segregation of wastes – ensures that waste is reduced and recovered, while also impacting the bottom line. This helps reduce landfill, cuts overall wastage and creates markets for the recycled waste materials.

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