Slate and tile roof vents

At Hambleside Danelaw, we stock a variety of slate and tile roof vents to suit all tile profiles and colours. They are designed to replace a single tile and so will not blemish the roof’s appearance – no one will even know they are there.

Product benefits

Made from polypropylene, our vents benefit from thermal stability, acid rain resistance and are a durable alternative to traditional materials. They also have a non-reflective surface and are UV stabilised, meaning they will not fade or become embrittled due to age – they really are a valuable investment. Another key benefit of our slate and tile roof vents is that achieve a greater volume of airflow (up to 15,000mm²), so fewer vents are required compared with some of our competitors.

Our TV10 and TV15 tile vents are flush fitting and are therefore a more discreet and attractive solution than hooded ventilators. We stock flush fitting slate vents, too, which are compatible with natural and man-made slates from all major UK and Irish manufacturers. The through colour material on our slate roof vents remains stable between temperatures of -40˚C and 120˚C.

Additional features

Hambleside Danelaw can also provide extraction and soil ventilation kits, which can either be used to replace unsightly soil stacks or connect to the property’s extractor fans. We achieve this by connecting an adapter to the right vent.

Contact us today

For more information on our range of slate and tile roof vents, get in touch with Hambleside Danelaw today. We have more than 40 years’ experience within the industry and can help you with anything you need, whether you confused about which product you need or require a hand with installation.