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Dry fix ridge and hip system

Our universal RollOut ventilation system allows you to mechanically fix ridge and hip tiles to a roof without the need for sand and cement mortar. Fully compliant with the requirements of BS 5534 and BS 5250, our ridge and hip system can accommodate a wider range of roof pitches and tiles that similar competing products on the market. This is due to the wider corrugated adhesive edge strips on the ventilated membrane.

The RollOut system boasts a unique patented gasket, which features weatherproof continuous integrated water channels, as well as self-sealing detail for 100mm stainless fixing screws. This means there is no need for extra sealing washers.

Why use a ridge and hip system?

A mechanical ridge and hip system has many advantages over traditional mortar. Firstly, because the tiles are clamped to the roof, the fixture cannot degrade over time. As long as the system has been properly installed, the tiles will not fall off the roof in windy weather, so there’s less risk the roof (or surrounding vehicles and buildings) will get damaged during a storm.

No mortar also means no maintenance – an attractive feature to any homebuyer. Further, dry ridge systems provide excellent ventilation to the roof space, helping to prevent the build-up of condensation, which can be harmful to the property. Underneath the screws are waterproof unions designed to capture and disperse small amounts of direct rainfall back onto the roof.

Lastly, dry ridge systems allow the roof to move naturally, whether through expansion and contraction or vibration caused by nearby roads or train tracks.

Hambleside Danelaw’s universal RollOut ventilation system comes with a ten-year guarantee, providing it has been fitted correctly – another reason why our solutions stand out from those provided by our competitors. We supply RollOut in 6m (ROR6) and 3m (ROR3) packs and can cater to all requirements.

If you have any questions about the RollOut system, please get in touch – we are always happy to help.