Our range of continuous and individual soakers provide a secondary line of protection against the wind and rain, as they create a watertight joint at abutments. Instead of the traditional lead, our continuous and individual soakers are made from glass-reinforced plastic (GRP) and polypropylene, respectfully. There are numerous benefits to these options, which we’ll explain below.

Benefits of GRP continuous soakers

Our GRP continuous soakers are lightweight and easy to handle, meaning the installation cost and time is halved when compared with a lead alternative. Plus, the fitting procedure only calls for someone semi-skilled, and there are no special tools required.

The soakers will not streak or stain, and have a BBA certification. We have so much confidence in their quality that they come with a 30-year service life guarantee.

Unlike lead, GRP is not valuable to thieves, reducing the chance of vandalism.

Benefits of polypropylene individual dry soakers

Our individual dry soakers are compatible with most common slates and tile types and are a lightweight, durable alternative to lead. The polypropylene means they are thermally stable and are resistant to acid rain and UV light, so they will not warp, discolour or crack over time.

Installation time is much lower compared with lead, representing excellent time and cost savings for contractors. Like GRP, polypropylene holds no value to thieves.

Our range of individual dry soakers adhere to the latest BS 5534 updates and offer a totally dry fix solution. They create no harmful run off into drains or water courses.

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