Dry Verges

Within the Danelaw Pitched Roofing range, we have continuous dry verges for slate and interlocking dry verge systems for tiles. These dry verges provide permanent weather protection for roof verges and prevent any damage caused by wind uplift.

Continuous verge for slate

Our GRP continuous verge are manufactured in single 3m lengths and are dry fix, eliminating the use of mortar. The range allows for face fixed or under batten fixed solutions and are suitable for Scottish practice.

The continuous dry verge is simple to fit in all weather conditions on new build or refurbishment projects. Backed with a 30 year guarantee, the lead alternative verge holds no value to the thief.

Interlocking dry verge for tiles

Manufactured from polypropylene for durability and thermal stability, the interlocking dry verge system is compatible with most tile profiles. The system is available in 5 UV stabilised colours to prevent fading. These colour options allow for an aesthetically pleasing appearance against the roof surface.

With a market leading 355mm maximum batten gauge, the clip over verge units can be adapted to fit all thin leading edge concrete tiles. The stylish stepped look is dry fix and meets BS 5534 requirements and NHBC guidelines.

The system comprises of verge units, half round and angled ridge end caps, batten end clips and easy-fit starter units.

Our dry verge products are designed and manufactured to prevent common issues such as unsightly staining on gable walls. Hambleside Danelaw is committed to providing the industry with quality but simple roofing solutions.

For further information on the continual profiles or detailed fitting instructions, please get in contact with us.