Bonding gutters

Our range of certified bonding gutters provides a weatherproof joint between dissimilar roof coverings on semi-detached and terraced houses. We supply both dry fix and traditional bonding gutters that are manufactured from GRP, an excellent alternative to lead. Being manufactured from GRP they are light in weight, easy to hand and are simple to install. They also hold no value to the thief.

Both dry fix and traditional options can be fitted causing minimal disruption to the neighbouring property. They can be installed over fire-break walls, non-fire-break-walls and on typical Scottish construction methods.

Dry fix bonding gutters

The dry fix bonding gutter is available in two upstand heights for different roof cover applications, from slate to high profile tiles. Being dry fix, these gutters are mortarless and provide secret, hidden water channels under the roof surface.

Dry fix bonding gutters can be retro-fitted on refurbishment projects or installed onto new builds. They have been designed with a curved profile to ensure tiles and slates don’t kick-up.

Traditional bonding gutter

Suitable for typical roof joints, the traditional bonding gutter comes complete with an integral mortar bonding strip. As with the dry fix option, the traditional bonding gutter provides hidden water drainage channels whilst providing a simple, neat and clean solution.

Our BBA certified bonding gutters ensure quality and peace of mind. Poor products can fail and may result in extensive damage, incurring additional costs.

For more information on our bonding gutter range, please get in contact with us today.